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May 5th, 2011 (published in The Examiner, Articles Wicca, subheading Mother's Day)

A Mother’s Day for Word from a Witch

Author, Angelina Rosenbush

As an individual who was one to have learned a great deal of our history and folk traditions of the craft mysteries not only from my mother, but my grandmother, and their closest friends, it has always struck me odd that Mother’s Day (here in Minnesota, at least) is not only a well-known and celebrated holiday amongst pagans, but rather strictly secular one. In a religion that not only validates but emphasizes the Goddess and all that the Goddess entails, why are we limiting ourselves to yet another mundane version of a holiday that could be so much more, both spiritually and emotionally?

Now it is true that not every witch has learned their craft from their birth or adopted mothers, but this doesn’t mean that one cannot take this time to bring a greater understanding. An understanding not only about oneself but share that aspect of self with the people closest to us. So, this Mother’s Day why not take the relationship with your mother to a spiritual level as well. Open up a dialogue and begin a process of understanding. Explain how in a witches’ faith there is so much emphasis on the mother and what she reflects. Explain how that emphasis influences your life in positive ways and how the lessons taught by mothers can bring us closer together. Even for those individuals whose relationship might be strained with their mothers on the basis of religious beliefs and choices, by putting your best foot forward and approaching the situation in a calm and delicate manner, with respect given on both sides, there can be a possibility of understanding. This is where the mother-child bond can possibly take hold if given the proper chance.

Now, for those of us who have lost a mother, grandmother, child, or even a close female friend, Mothers’ Day can be a very difficult time, but it doesn’t have to be. For those who have lost (if you wish it) take this time to heal. Spend time together instead with those who shared in this woman’s life here on earth. Share your stories. Remember the good times and all the traditions that have been passed down. Celebrate any memories with lighting candles and thanking the Mother Goddesses spirit for guiding you as only she could. Laugh and cry, remember, and let go, so the joy of those memories can take hold.

Let's share Mothers’ Day as it should be, a day where we not only honor our mothers and all they give us by presenting them with gifts, but by getting closer. By sharing everything that we are, everything that they made us to be, by connecting our souls, our spirit, and our faith, back with those who have loved us so deeply.

Additional, Grigorian Witchcraft and the author Angelina Rosenbush recognize and support Mother's Day in all forms, those who are mothers, those who are adoptive mothers, pet parents, mothers' regardless of gender or sex or sexual identity. This article was written to include all those who choose to celebrate or may have had difficulty with the American Mother's Day for various reasons. And inspire love and support regardless.


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