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June 1st, 1999 (The Examiner, Articles June)

Summer Solstice Time

Author Angelina Rosenbush

Many pagans, Wiccans, and witches alike will recognize the month of June as the time of year where we celebrate the Summer Solstice. The time of year where the Sun enters into its zenith with the longest day of the year. Celebrations to the Sun and recognitions for the transition will ensue. This time is sacred and celebratory for most and as a holiday that signifies not only our connection to the various Lords or Gods whose myths and lessons are plentiful during this time of year, but also the Goddess in multiple aspects. The Goddess of summer solstice is recognized in multiple fashions (Grigorian Witchcraft Tradition BOS 1998) in everything from Aurora the Greek Goddess of the dawn who by her beauty was hidden away in caves until such time that she could rise again, but even within the darkness she used her mirror and her own light from within as a way of spreading light even through the darkest of places (Grigorian Weaver's Mysteries, the Grigorian BOS 1998).

The Goddess of Earth in various forms is also at this time often symbolically wed to the Sun God in the sky allowing for the fertility of their union to spread to the growing fields in some Wiccan groups, for others this occurs at May Day. And of course, for the transition between the lords in summer, the goddess stands as the turner of her sacred wheel of the year, both witnessing and allowing the transition from one to the other. Many examples of rituals with these themes and others can be found in Janet and Stewart Farrar’s, A Witches’ Bible. As well as books by authors Kate West, Amber K., and many others.

So, whether you are an individual who chooses to utilize the energies of the sun for fertility, by walking through a garden nude or “skyclad”. Holding in one hand an egg and in the other a Bistort Root to conceive a child or become fertile. Or if you choose to dance at ritual or festival around the fire in honor of the Sun God and the turning of the wheel of the year. Or even if you wish to enact a dramatic fight to the finish, as the Oak King transitions his reign to the Holly King, remember always to enter this season with the joy and celebration in all good that we have through these difficult times. And for those seeking this time of change decorate your altar with sunflowers and colors of orange, yellow, and red. Light candles and ask for the change you require during the seasons' transition. And remember that the most effective ways of creating change in one’s own life is not only just with magick, but also by taking the steps necessary through careful and well planned out efforts ahead of time, within the best of your ability to do so. So, push ever forward as this season turns, but take time to celebrate as well, share joy with friends, family, and loved ones, by joining hearts and crossing hands under the sun while standing on mother earth.


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