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July 1st, 2011 (published in the Examiner Articles, subheading Wicca, Science News)

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Human Beings and the Sixth Sense

Author, Angelina Rosenbush

For decades researchers have addressed the issue of human beings proving the abilities of the sixth sense. Now understanding the sixth sense we have to first look to a definitive meaning. What is sixth sense, well according to the dictionary definition, a sixth sense in humans is a power of perception seemingly independent of all of the other five senses, sight, smell, hearing, tasting, and touching. A secondary definition is that the sixth sense is intuitiveness or possessing the ability of intuition.

Recently MSNBC online in their science section, I discovered an article entitled, ‘Humans just might have a ‘magnetic’ sixth sense.’ the article discussed how researchers at the University of Mass., have recently done experiments involving how by taking a specific protein found in the human retina, and placing it into fruit flies, the fruit flies then had the ability to better sense and direct using magnetic fields. As to why humans for the most part seem to as a whole at least be unaware of these magnetic fields remains undiscovered. Nonetheless they believe the research shows the potential is there.

Other articles have also denoted similar aspirations to the human’s sixth sense throughout history, including everything from using humans sixth sense as a defense weapon in the 1960’s and 70’s through such methods as remote viewing. To the study of precognition through the sixth sense which gives humans abilities such as “perceived” moments before our own or a loved one’s serious trauma, accident, or possibly even death, etc. The list is endless.

Now whether our sixth sense ability is sensing information through magnetic field shifts, connections to loved ones from far away, or some form of precognition is debatable in the mundane world. Yet, Witches, Wiccans, and many Pagans have believed in the idea of the ability of not only having a sixth sense, but also training in oneself as to better harness, and improve this ability within us.

For us the sixth sense (or psychic ability as it is more commonly referred to) is not just some random occurrence. Rather it is a skill that exists in part as an innate scale, but also in that of a learnable practice. As such, it’s quality or strength can be improved just as any other ‘talent’, like music.

Here are just a few ways to improve the sixth sense as a ‘talent’;

· First and foremost, one must learn to turn off distraction. Like any mental skill improvement of the sixth sense is best developed when human beings are still, and not distracted by our modern environments. It is through this stillness that we are then able to move onto meditation. A skill that is both used by many Witches, Wiccans, and Pagans on a regular basis. It is also the best starting point for anyone who needs focus and concentration. And focus is required in any form of practice or study. Now many forms of meditation exist. And these are typically documented through cultural designation. For example, meditations and details on the cultural significance of where these meditations are drawn from can be found in texts such as Meditation in Action, the I Ching, the Serpent Power, Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha, Eastern Body Western Mind, and many, many others. Finding the best form of meditation for yourself may take time. And it may take even more time learning which ones will directly improve skill set when discussing the sixth sense, but the journey you will find will be beneficial in the long run.

· Now once you have an experience with meditation you can move on to expanding that clearness into an awareness of your surroundings from en energy perspective. You do this by first reaching out to your direct environment. Sit and simply observe it, feel it, smell it, listen to it, and open your awareness to it. Soon you’ll become more attuned with the basic ebb and flow around you. Although you must understand and allow that different energy shifts in the environment may change your experience, such as a passing storm. This will simply take some getting used to.

· Lastly, you will have to begin by narrowing your focus, through the sixth sense. By first clearing your mind as in meditation, and then focusing your thought precisely on the center that is the entry and expand point of intuition. For many this is the third eye chakra point. It is by focusing on this point and concentrating by specifically “feeling” or “seeing” through it and nothing else that you will begin the first steps to growing this skill. Keep in mind this is only a start and training on the third eye is best done through the practices and training of witchcraft as guided by a skilled teacher. To go from here will require direct training. The reason for this is simply because as with any skill you will eventually have to learn control or precision through form and thusly apply to functionality. And this is hard to do on one’s own and is best served under the direction of an experienced and skilled teacher.

To find teachers in your area you can visit Witchvox online. Or your local available metaphysical store (Magus Books, Present Moments, and The Eye of Horus). You may also find open gatherings where you might meet individuals and acquire training through organizations such as Minnesota Pagans (locally).

*Additional (2021) Since this articles original date the services for local listings online through Witchvox is no longer available. Also the book store listed as The Eye of Horus has changed its name to The Eye. Another online alternative available to finding groups in your area is through the website Mandragora Magika at FIND A COVEN, PAGAN MEET UP, LOCAL WICCANS | mandragoramagika


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