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May 5th, 1999 (published The Examiner)

Ways to Honor the Mother Goddess for Mother’s Day

Author Angelina Rosenbush

When we have spent time connecting with our birth or adopted mothers’ this Mother’s Day, why not spend a moment honoring our spiritual mothers as well. For Witches, Wiccans, and Pagans alike, regardless of terms and personal patronages, most of us can agree on the importance of the Mother Goddess and all that she represents. We can consider what the Goddess means to us not only as individuals, but as a spiritual race of people as well. So, this Mother’s Day when the day's events and activities have come to a close, why not take a moment to honor the Mother Goddess in all her forms. Here are just a few ways to spend the evening celebrating, honoring, and getting closer to the Goddess (excerpts taken from the Grigorian Witchcraft Tradition BOS 1998).

First, take some candles, color preference varies, but white for purity and pinks for affection work nicely, also blue for calming and green for connecting can work too. Create a sacred space for yourself and place an image of some sort of the Goddess before you. Next, spend some the time meditating on that image. Imagine becoming closer to her and taking her hand as she guides you down your own individual path. Allow the energies to take hold and lead you along your journey. Open yourself to whatsoever may come forward. And when the meditation is over, before you close, take time to pause and remember all that you observed, and thank the Goddess for all that she has done for you and your loved ones, not only on this night, but for any times past as well.

Another way to mark the holiday, for those of you that have a statue or effigy of some sort honoring the Goddess in or around your property, is to make a thank you gift for her. Spend time creating this gift to honor her and all that she has done for you. This will take some prep work, so spend some time thinking carefully about how you can best do this in the time available. It doesn’t have to be complicated though, a piece of art, a poem or prayer, or craft of clay will work, as long as it has meaning for you and expresses your appreciation for the Goddess. Then simply place your gift before the statue or figure of the Goddess and give up a prayer of thanks to her for all that she has done.

Lastly, for those of you who can, include your families in the spiritual marking of the holiday that not only marks all mothers on this earth, but spiritual mothers as well. Gather together around a fire or candle flame and tell stories and myths about the Mother Goddess or those spiritual mothers who've inspired you. Sing songs to her and teach those songs to your children if you choose to. Explain the importance of mothers, in how they not only birth us, adopt us, feed us, and provide for us, but guide us, teach us, protect us, and create the nurturing environment that all things in nature need to grow healthy, balanced, strong, and joyous.

Additional, Grigorian Witchcraft Tradition places an emphasis and is stated in their Laws and Principles withing the Grigorian BOS 1998, that all people regardless of sex, gender, orientation etc. are included and welcome. Grigorian Witchcraft Traditions' theology recognizes and acknowledges the polytheistic practice of multiple deities, both male and female personified in imagery. Grigorian Tradition also recognizes and respects all those who identify as regardless.


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