About us

        Grigorian Witchcraft was founded in the late 90s through the partnership of Angelina and Jeffrey Rosenbush. Who came together after working in various fields of the occult and mundane communities for years. Angelina Rosenbush is a generational witch. Her parent, a traditionally trained Wiccan brought Angelina up within the pagan movement from the age of five. Jeffery Rosenbush came to the craft at age sixteen through an academic pursuit of Wicca and Witchcraft.

Angelina and Jeffery worked independently in the Wiccan and Pagan communities for some time. And soon after they began training in other forms of occultism beyond Wicca. These included the study of Ritual Magic, Alchemy, Taoism, Yoga, and Witchcraft they combined these forms and other Occult philosophies to create Grigorian Witchcraft Tradition.  Jeffrey Rosenbush received his Ministry License in 1998. And Angelina soon followed. Grigorian Witchcraft Tradition organization was founded that same year. Since then both Angelina and Jeffrey Rosenbush also received their Ph.Ds.' in Metaphysics in 2021. And Angelina Rosenbush has received a licensed instructor in the state of MN and is currently working on her doctorate in Theology.

       Grigorian Witchcraft Tradition is founded upon not only traditional philosophies in magick and witchcraft such as Know Thyself, and As Above So Below, but also their own specific academic approach to the ways and practices of witchcraft. Including Grigorian Witchcrafts' own Weavers' Mysteries. Written originally in the Grigorian BOS in 1998 - 2001. These philosophies and others alongside Grigorian practices have been featured in the Examiner Online in the early 2000s as well as in various public works and talks. The Grigorian Tradition has always held a community standard both locally and outwardly for maintaining a high academic standard when it comes to not only teaching the spiritual philosophies and practices of witchcraft but also creating an open environment for the pursuit of spiritual studies. This enables every seeker and person to find the spiritual path that best suits them. Grigorian Witchcraft strives to help each member and student feel empowered and welcome through their differentiated instruction in spiritual matters. 

       The Grigorian Witchcraft Tradition since its' inception has established the replanting of forests in the United States, has provided safe and equitable spiritual classroom spaces, performed both legal and handfasted marriage ceremonies (both pagan and non-pagan), provided personal horoscope and tarot readings, participated in public theological discussions in open forums, and healings, wiccaning's, acted in mediation, and much, much more.