About us


Grigorian Witchcraft was founded in 1998, and has over twenty years of occult teaching. Our elders have a combined total of over fifty years of experience being present with, being educated in, teaching and working in the occult. Our organization is dedicated to the expansion of knowledge and understanding in the knowledge and practice of witchcraft.


Our traditions foundation is an eclectic mix of ancient practices, British traditional witchcraft, Hellenistic traditions from the ancient worlds, Ritual and Esoteric magicks, Modern witchcraft, arts, and science in our practice.


We strive to provide services to help each person undertake and follow their own unique spiritual path, along with providing the means to that end. Our society offers specific training, allowing for individualized learning, and pace of learning. We dedicate our services to the people in need, and the beliefs in the gods, goddesses, and community(tm) themselves. We are focused on the development of the individual to their highest uniqueness as a witch and occultist.

If you have any questions, are interested in classes and / or services please feel free to contact us at;