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About Us
A History of Our Founders

        Grigorian Witchcraft was founded in the late 90s through the partnership of Angelina and Jeffrey R.. Who came together after working in various fields of the occult and mundane spiritual communities for years. Angelina is a generational witch. Her parent, a traditionally trained Wiccan brought Angelina up within the pagan movement from the age of five. Jeffery Rosenbush came to the craft at age sixteen through an academic pursuit of Wicca and Witchcraft.
     Angelina and Jeffery worked independently in the Wiccan and Pagan communities for some time. And soon after they began training in other forms of occultism beyond Wicca. These included the study of Ritual Magic, Alchemy, Taoism, Yoga, and of course their initiation into Witchcraft. After time and training, they individually received their third degrees. After some time they would move on to combine some of these forms above alongside other occult and metaphysical philosophies to create the Grigorian Witchcraft Tradition.
    Jeffrey then received his legal Ministry License in 1998. Angelina soon followed. Jeffrey and Angelina were handfasted legally in a traditional witches' wedding in the spring of that year. And the Grigorian Witchcraft Tradition organization was made official following this in that same year, 1998.
    Jeffrey and Angelina have both trained in pastoral counseling as well as metaphysics, and each holds letters of Good Standing in Ministry. Since then both Angelina and Jeffrey also received their Ph.Ds.' in Metaphysics in 2021. Jeffrey is also a licensed instructor. Angelina is a licensed teacher and is currently working on her Doctorate in Theology.

Our Traditions History 

and Principles

  Grigorian Witchcraft Tradition was established in 1998 as a legally held private organization. With licensed ministers in practice since 1998. Our traditions' Book of Shadows was also established for the tradition in that same year. Some of our main theological and metaphysical principles as outlined in the Book of Shadows (1998) are:

  • We recognize and follow the Rule of Three (also known by some as the philosophy of going and returning.) Our tradition recognizes this as the first of our Bylaws. Understanding and practicing it as an acknowledgment of the Three Fates (also known as the Greek Moirai). Which, we honor the Fates for their role in mythology and spiritually today for overseeing the lives of humans and the Divine Gods alike. While understanding the history and basis of this principle as it is also significant in numerology and occult practices. We strive in maintaining it at all times in the decisions that are made and in the witchcraft that is practiced. The symbology of three is utilized again herein not only to stand in a sense as the laws of the Fates but also as a universal understanding that energy put forth comes forth. So that we create a balance in our lives Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically. And so turns the Wheel.

  • Know Thyself - The second Bylaw of our tradition as outlined in the Grigorian BOS is considered to be a practice that every Grigorian Witch must adhere to. This is done through the practice of Witchcraft, but also through each witch’s spiritual development. As each witch strives to understand and develop themselves in the truest sense. This is so that through the knowledge of oneself they are not only free and unhindered in their craft, but also better able to understand themselves. And therefore better serve others.

  • The Three Pillars - In Grigorian Witchcraft Tradition we recognize and honor Deity and see the universal powers available to us theologically as outlined by the Three Pillars. These are The God (or Male Pagan Deities), The Goddess (or Female Pagan Deities), and The Community of INterwoven Spirits (also called by the acronym COINS or just Community for short). We do not view the Community (as it is sometimes called) merely in the mundane definition. To us, the Community of INterwoven Spirits goes beyond present-day societies or groupings. Nor do we see the Community of INterwoven Spirits as merely ancestral spirits. We apply the Pillar of the COINS through knowledge of metaphysics, spirituality, and an understanding of the scientific theory of the multiverse.  As detailed in our Basic Course (which has been taught in the twin cities and surrounding areas for over twenty years). The Third Pillar is a combined spiritual force of the Spirit multiplied. This is then subdivided by category of intent (Grigorian BOS 1998).

      Our Traditions' Philosophies Continued:

  • As Above So Below (written by Hermes Trismegistus.)

  • The Wheel of the Year (whose origins date back to Gardner, Kelly, and Nichols, and other various authors. And has since been built upon by numerous modern authors detailed in our courses.)

  • The Understanding and use of Sympathetic Magick (written by various authors detailed through our courses.)

  • The meanings and practice of words, movement, and chants in spell and ritual work. (written by various authors and in the Grigorian BOS as detailed through our courses.) ​

  • And More.


           It is important to understand that various magickal-based working spiritual traditions have developed over the ages. Some follow the magickal traditional path as laid by Gerald Gardner, and others have instituted the work of Alex and Maxine Sanders. And still, others have branched into various forms of Celtic paganism, western Wicca, and even various adaptations of the occult or ritual magick-based formularies. Our Tradition also holds its' own unique foundational work beyond all this in the craft. Some of our Traditions' teachings and practices are:​

  • The Grigori, our namesake, and our oaths under which we abide. Understanding their history before John Dee, and as the Watchers (Grigorian BOS 1998).

  • Tiered Training in the mysteries (According to the Grigorian BOS 1998.)

  • Knowledge is not just in the study of myth, but the culture, philosophy, and their meaning. (written by various authors and including the Grigorian BOS 1998.)

  • The Five Components of not just Ritual but of ourselves in the Body, Mind, Spirit, and Ousia (Grigorian BOS 1998).

  • L.L.A. (Grigorian BOS 2011).

  • The Star (Grigorian BOS 1999).

  • The Weaver's Mysteries (Grigorian BOS 1998-2001.)

  • And More.

       Additionally, our Tradition recognizes and supports an academic approach to learning Witchcraft. In that, a solid foundation is created through study, observation, practice, and development of the individual witch. Grigorian Witchcraft recognizes and supports all individuals regardless of sex, gender, gender identity, creed, culture, age, or individual history. We see the world as reflected by all peoples as a vast and multi-faceted garden of variety, where every piece is as beautiful as it is important to the woven network in the Web of Life. As such our specific academic approach to the ways and practices of witchcraft strives to not only aid the witch in detailed knowledge and understanding of the craft and its' concepts but to help the individual develop to their highest spirit. And thrive in this garden. Our foundations work in the development of this knowledge and our tiered training in the Grigorian Witchcraft Tradition works to support each witch, at every stage of development and learning along this path (Grigorian BOS 1998).
      We achieve this through specific courses and training in Grigorian Witchcrafts' own Basic and Dedicates classes before initiation. And after initiation through the work, training, rituals, and teachings of the mysteries. Including, but not limited to things such as the Dedication Rites, Meditation Work, Weavers' Mysteries, and more.
     These philosophies and others alongside Grigorian practices have been featured in the Examiner Online prior to the early 2000s as well as in various public works and open talks over twenty-plus years. The Grigorian Witchcraft Tradition has always held a standard both locally and outwardly for maintaining high academic standards when it comes to not only teaching the spiritual philosophies, principles, theology, and theory of witchcraft but also the practices. We also strive at creating an open and safe environment for the pursuit of spiritual studies with guided learning and materials. This enables every seeker and each person to find the spiritual path that best suits them regardless. Grigorian Witchcraft strives to help each member and student feel empowered and welcome through their differentiated instruction in all matters. 
      The Grigorian Witchcraft Tradition since its' inception has established the replanting of forests in the United States, has provided safe and equitable spiritual classroom spaces, performed both legal and handfasted marriage ceremonies (both pagan and non-pagan alike), provided personal horoscopes and tarot readings, participated in public theological discussions in open forums, and healings, wiccaning's, acted in guided mediations such as the Grigorian Guided Meditations through the elements and our Guided Emotional Self Meditations (1998) and much, much more.
    Our Tradition fully supports the LGBTQIA community as well as our members and students of it, we recognize and support Women's Rights including The Right to Choose, and we support the reestablishment of Forestry, Wildlife, and Wild Places. And the prevention of harm against all innocent people and animals.
       If you're interested in learning more about us, and our events, or even if you have general questions please feel free to visit not only this website but also our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. Or you can also email us at the contact information listed on this website.

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