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Services Available

Grigorian Classes​ 
Our fall/spring classes are free with no obligation to join. We start at the basics and require an interview first to see if our classes are right for you. Contact with interest in setting up your interview


Through ritual the spirit can be healed to help the process of healing the physical self.  Rituals change depending on the need of the individual.  Contact us for consultation and if you are interested in our healing rituals.


Handfastings and Marriages
There are many traditions when it comes to getting married.  Handfastings can be used for legal weddings. Contact us if you're interested in learning more or wishing to arragnge a handfasting ceremony.


Negative energies cling to many different things: places, things, and people.  We offer services for cleansings to rid yourself of negative energies using various different rituals as needed.  Contact us if you believe yourself in need of our help.

House Cleansing for member.jpg

Divination or foretelling is an ancient tool used by witches for eons. Divination comes in many forms, and witches in Grigorian Tradition are trained in multiple forms of divination. Contact us today for your own personal reading.

Listed above are just some of our most asked-about services. Including but not limited to spiritual classes in the Grigorian Tradition, Handfastings and Marriage ceremonies both legal and non-legal, spiritual cleansings, house cleansings, healings, and divinations. If you have needs beyond any of these services, please feel free to contact us today for a free consultation 
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