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April 18th, 2011 (published in The Examiner, Articles Wicca subheading local news)

Are Minnesota Witches Celebrating Earth Day 2011?

Author, Angelina Rosenbush

Earth Day 2011 is fast approaching. Many Minnesotans by now are participating in such Earth Day projects such as the watershed cleanup, the St. Paul, and Minneapolis Parks cleanup efforts by volunteers. Even individuals are tree planting or doing roadside cleanups within the local rotary or Lion's club chapters.

However, it has become apparent there is no major, public, Wiccan event specifically designated for Earth Day in Minnesota this year. Now Earth Day is a secularly recognized public event, and not a religious one. And many pagans will agree that Earth Day is every day for us, since every witch feels a deep and connective bond to the Earth. It is important to point out that publicly at least we are not setting a very good example here within the Twin Cities as one of the most commonly recognized nature-based religions. Especially if we are not setting a public example for the one secular holiday that truly puts Mother Nature on the pedestal she deserves.

So, whether you are a follower of sky gods, star goddesses, or Gaia herself, as Wiccans/Witches, and as the nature worshippers we are we should not only join in the Earth Day Celebrations but should be making sure we put our best efforts to leading them. Earth Day should not be just a once-a-year event where people come forward to do a little bit of clean up or “green work” to relieve a guilty conscious. Rather Earth Day is an event to make all people aware of Mother Earth and all she provides for everyone. And Witches/Wiccans should be making their best efforts to lead such events. If not for this year, then from this year forward.


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