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Reflection and Moving Forward into the New Year

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Written by Angelina Rosenbush

The start of 2024 will soon be upon us and with this in mind, as we end the year 2023, I have taken time to pause and reflect. Utilizing the energies of the changing moon following the 2023 Winter Solstice, I have reflected upon my expectations, goals, and pursuits for the next year and looked forward to forecasting where I see myself in 2024. To better understand this yearly reflection practice and what it means for the year to come, it may help to understand that in Grigorian Witchcraft, our sabbat year follows the traditional eight sabbats of witchcraft. For us this means, following in line with the Wheel of the Year, the seasons, and harvests, alongside an emphasis on planetary alignment and moon phases for the content of our work. This is all done with one twist, however, as Grigorian Witchcraft follows the Three Pillar spiritual approach. Each year we emphasize one of the Three Pillars, be it the Lord, Lady, or the Community of Interwoven Spirits. And for 2024, our focus is on the third pillar, the pillar of the Community of Interwoven Spirits.

This means that as we end 2023 (which was our Goddess year cycle) we move from our own inward, mental, and spiritual pursuits, in reference to the Goddess and the Moon and all her lessons about our inner natures to a more selfless outward focus. So, as we approach 2024, we look to connect with other spirits and individual beings outside of ourselves. Traditionally, we do this through magickal gratitude and expansion workings, alongside physical participation in volunteer, project, and professional developmental pursuits. However, before we leap into 2024 and gear up for the work ahead, we must shed that which no longer serves us.

There are many magickal sites, blogs, books, and podcasts that recommend everything from burning bay leaves under the moon to cord cuttings in ritual spaces to do away with the old and clear a path for the new. Yet, before we destroy a link or previous pursuit completely through means of witchcraft we must always remember to pause and reflect. And in this pause, we should ask ourselves, “Do we completely shed, what we see at this moment at least, as something no longer of use to us?” or you can also ask “Can we remove some things to make room for new and better growth ahead through deadheading, rather than uprooting the plant altogether?” In other words, you may consider if there are some things left over from 2023 about yourself or what you may have been working on that are still useful. Consider asking yourself first if these things may still be adapted in new ways that align with the New Year, before just doing away with them altogether.

As we move on from reflection we then look to consider that as the year changes it is common for us to look towards new goals and new pursuits in hopes of achieving something greater than what already exists in our lives. Whether it be greater personal freedom, greater popularity, greater wealth, greater health, and so on. Yet, to not just achieve but sustain almost every goal in life we must dedicate a portion of ourselves and our time to self-mastery. And mastery of any sort takes time, practice, and participation. Therefore, after consideration of shedding the old we should look inside ourselves as the secondary step. We must acknowledge our motivations, wants or desires that lead us to shed more Before cutting away the old. And most definitely Before desiring more. For this, in Grigorian, we must turn to the wisdom of the second bylaw and ‘Know Thyself’. Take time in the pause and reflect, and acknowledge the self. Then staying true to our sense of self, we can remove debris from our path with better care Before adding the addition of multiple footsteps or desires.

Next, we can then acknowledge with genuine awareness, kindness, and compassion for ourselves what we desire vs. what we can do. All healthy acts of vocation or charity begin first when we acknowledge with a better perspective our limits and boundaries. Once we have taken the time to better understand and acknowledge what has come before, we must be present in the moment of where we are as individuals. This helps us to not only be mindful of the present but also to better ensure that the goals and expectations we place on ourselves in the coming year do not overwhelm us. For this time, we can utilize not only the knowledge of self but also in Grigorian our bylaws with respect to and with the honoring of our Gods, Goddesses, Spirits, and ourselves, as is a common theme throughout our teachings. In doing so we honor not only the old ways, and our Gods but also ourselves. And by honoring ourselves we give over to the wisdom of ourselves in the present. We must see ourselves through the eye of compassion as well as power. When we move forward in the weave to give to or practice with others as well as with the self, we should not only express empathy towards others but to ourselves in action and through healthy boundaries.

Once we have taken these few steps then we can begin by holding time and casting as the debris is removed and the shedding begins. Lastly, we can take the time to plan our goals more carefully and more successfully for the coming year. In doing so, be secure in the knowledge that the energy we put together moving forward full force in pursuit of our goals in 2024 will obtain success through meaning And mastery. Just by taking the necessary time to pause, reflect, and then respond as we move forward in 2024.


  • Grigorian Witchcraft BOS (1998)


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