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Prosperity in 2024

Written by: Angelina Rosenbush

When discussing prosperity, it can sometimes become a sticky business amongst witches. Especially, when mixing with individuals from different occult forms or traditions. Yet, the question of prosperity, wealth, and success is bound to arise as you gain experience in your practice of magick. So, I thought it worth considering this discussion point in this blog just as I have many times over my 20 + years teaching in the classroom, when it comes to understanding prosperity and bringing it into the practice of your craft. First, we should examine the difference between prosperity and just plain wealth. I, personally, come from an impoverished background. I grew up experiencing homelessness on multiple occasions. And as a teen, I swore that I would not go through it again. So, even at that age, I began dreaming of how to make life different for myself in my day-to-day. And it wasn’t long before I realized that there was a distinct difference in asking the universe for wealth versus success versus prosperity.

Wealth, in the context that often springs to the minds of most people when asked is monetary. Even by its first or primary definition wealth is defined as, an abundance of possessions and/or money. Yet, wealth does have a secondary and older definition (if you know where to look) and that definition is plentiful supplies and/or resources. If we compare the two available definitions alone, we can already see a shift in view of the term. And prosperity has an even more detailed definition. On the surface, prosperity is defined as A state of being prosperous. Okay, so what does ‘a state of being prosperous’ actually mean? It means when one is successful, flourishing, and/or thriving, i.e. good fortune. Good Fortune, that’s it, that’s what it means. And you can’t toss a stick in any occult library without hitting a text that contains spells, oils, talismans, etc. that point to how to bring good fortune to you. Spell casting for good fortune, success, prosperity, etc. is as old as witchcraft itself. The key, like most keys in witchcraft, begins with the heart and mind of the witch. And in this case how you define and view these things before even beginning your work. 

Now, that you have a more balanced definition of prosperity or wealth in regard to life. Let’s examine in closer detail how our own views may corrupt or even ruin the magick (often unintentionally) in relation to prosperity. And that is simply, if one’s own personal view or the images that come to mind are skewed. Even for myself, growing up in America, I had a typical modern capitalist view of prosperity and success. It meant money plain and simple. So, that is what I envisioned originally, and all the typical trappings alongside it. Yet, the truth is this is hardly a good starting point for life, much less witchcraft, and as we have already pointed out it is not even true by definition. Our view of wealth just like the definition(s) already mentioned has been equated to monetary means and sometimes superficial possessions in America, plain and simple. Yet, let’s face it these things are fleeting at best, if not seemingly unreachable for others (but that is another discussion for politics and socioeconomics). Not to mention we can also consider individual upbringing when it comes to wealth and prosperity. If you grew up like me, wealth was considered out of reach (especially as the daughter of a pagan mother), at times it was even frowned upon. Wealth and prosperity, rather than simply being viewed as a means to an end, goal, or even state of being, was to be considered out of touch, superficial, ugly, or even wrong. Naturally, I was taught survival and simply ‘making do with less, much less’. Don’t get me wrong, I am actually extremely grateful for my experience in this regard, it taught me to be frugal. And gave me, through necessity, the creative skills to build and shape my world by my own hands, by diving in dumpsters and remaking art or recycling cloth into clothing, instead of buying new. And this is exactly what I mean, when we realize we can create our own prosperity through our own unique individual skills and shape it by our experiences, we can expand our view to realize there is more to prosperity than what we may have been tailored to simply accept. You can choose to view prosperity as something you can gain, something you can make, or something you can build. And it doesn’t just have to mean money, it can mean so MUCH MORE. It can be your creative outlet, something you make, or clay you shape, and you can even view it as growth. Growth within you, coming to you, and surrounding you. Then once you see the beauty in the thing, why not share it? Or better yet, as the universe intended, be recognized for the beauty of what you build and maybe even receive back for it. For myself, one such example, is when I found my first discarded wax slab thrown out outside a craft store. I picked it up, brought it home, cleaned it, and set about learning how to shape it into my first candles, figures, etc. Today, I often gift such items as spell candles to coven members (as well as teach them how to make their own). This is just one example of how you can bring this into the magick you practice through supplies but also mentally through definition for an even deeper spiritual push as well. BUT there is a caution here. The key is to embrace the joy of this thing BUT NOT to allow that joy to transform into greed and attachment. Understand that all things in Nature move to create a balance or equilibrium of sorts, and in magick this means things like gains can be subject to change. So, in this regard, it is important to understand that if you ask for and gain prosperity (especially through magick) then it is important to give back and practice gratitude. Personally, I choose to do this through charity by gifting to others I know and care for as well as oblations to the Gods and Goddesses.

Now, that being said here is a simple spell that you can use to gain prosperity in the beginning of this year. This is also a great spell to include with young families or kids to have them practice their own growth magick, its’ fun too. Remember though, when beginning, the clearer your view or visualization (and the more authentic) it is to you, the more precise the message you put forward. And what you do with it, is what stays in your heart and maybe even the hearts of others over time.

Earthen Prosperity Spell

To be used to bring prosperity into your home through the winter months or to grow prosperity within you. Also beneficial in Spring after the thaw to bring growth to your garden if you bury the ball when sprouted out in your garden instead of in your home. 

With fresh soil gathered after rains or initial snowfall before the permafrost sets in late January or February, gather soil from a layer or two down and make sure it’s’ free of existing roots or debris. And gather the snow or rain right along with it. Bring it indoors and as it becomes warm mold this into a ball. In the ball place two twigs standing out as antlers from the top. Spit onto the head of the ball, adding a bit of your own self. Place a white feather and a silver coin with it in a clay pot on a windowsill (NOT in direct southern sun) and cover with cheesecloth to partially dry. The surface should be relatively solid, but the interior is still damp, not wet. Then when the moon is new under her light and holding the ball state the following,

“Earthen ball

Horned One

By Maiden Moons’ delight,

I call to you to grow for me prosperity this night.

By the horns of Earth (touch each stem)

Through the gift of Air (touch the feather)

Through the shape of Fire (touch the coin)

And by the gifts of life’s Waters (fill the base of the pot just enough with fresh water to moisten but not break the ball)

Do I plant the seeds (insert seeds of your choice into the ball itself, sprout seeds work well)

To my prosperity.

As it grows, it shall be mine."

Hold a clear image of the future prosperity in your mind see it as real, and using your third eye along with the energy from your hands gently touch the ball, charging it, as you feel the growth already being yours. Then continue.

“By hoof and horn

By maidens’ might

As I plant these seeds

I grow with all my will this night. 

All that I wish to come to me, grow with me, and stay with me.

So shall it be.”

Now gather the horns, coin, and feather, placing them in the center of the cheese cloth, fold the cloth over four the items ways, and fold it three times upon itself. Tie it with hemp or twine and sink it into the water at the foot of the ball. Place in light and water the ball as directed by the seeds. You can keep this growing in your home until prosperity is reached, then share the plant AND give back for your gains, then bury the ball back in the ground once spring has sprung. Blessed be everyone! Here's wishing you well and that all prosperity earned be yours in 2024!


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