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How to Recognize Signs & Omens From Random Occurences

Excerts from Grigorian Witchcraft Tradition, BOS (1998) Basic Course

For generations prophecy and forecasting have been an integral part of human civilization. In earlier times humans sought the advice of seers and oracles or shamans to help guide them in everything from great political campaigns to agricultural forecasts, and even day-to-day concerns on everything from success to love. After a time, the regular practice of divination became less and less a spiritual aspect for many community cultures and instead took on either a nostalgic or even novelty stance. Yet, even as prophecy fell out of mainstream favor to be viewed merely as “silly superstition” people continued to seek out fortune tellers in their private lives for day-to-day concerns.

Yet, for witchces today just as in the past, fortune-telling, psychic readings, divination, and prophecy are not considered superstition. They are an intrical part of your training in the art and practice of witchcraft. As part of the basic coursework in Grigorian Witchcraft we train individuals in symbolism and energy work. All of which will play a part in regognizing the difference between what may be a sign or omen, compared to a random daily occurence.

Grigorian Witchcraft is a polytheistic tradition. We recognize and believe in the existence of various forms of existence beyond those of human and / or animal form. We regognize the existence of Gods, Goddesses, Spirits, the Grigori, and others. We also see signs and omens as just another way these forms commune with us. Many theologies and books on practice discuss recognizing certain types of symbols, natural occurances, or animal movements for determining meaning as a symbol or sign in witchcraft and what they mean. Here though we will begin your training on how to determine what is a sign or omen versus a random natural occurence as part of your training.

The is simpler than you’d think. For us we see omens and signs as coming with a powerful energy behind them. A sign or omen ‘draws one in spiritually’. The interpreting of omens and signs for Grigorian Witchcraft also comes with the belief that a higher force of nature (or spiritual force such as the Divine Gods and Goddesses themselves) is speaking to an individual through the use of symbols and patterns in an effort to gain your attention. The activity or symbol of which (as discussed in the basic course on Symbolism) is based upon that individuals language and current understanding.

This contact by these forces then creates an immense force of energy. As the Divine Nature or God form if you like must channel and filter down their much larger natural energy base into a focused, concentrated form. This then creates an almost magnetic pull or spiritual force which directs ones’ own spirit to be drawn to it. So, the knowledge of when to recognize the significance of a thing as being an omen or sign comes from the ability to recognize the energy forces behind the day-to-day natural world. Which is why awareness of the natural world is also intrical to your practice.

In Grigorian Witchcraft Tradition you have already begun working towards an increased awareness in your practice through the basic courses on Visualization and Projection. To get you started at this point though in the practice of reading Signs and Omens in Grigorian here is a portion of our List of Awareness so that you might better recognize when an Omen or Sign appears to you.

List of Awareness

The following is a list of recognizing how different senses may act or react to increased or decreased energy patterns. This list is to be used in Grigorian Witchcraft to coincide with your later training.

Time Shifts – When an abundance of energy approaches, whether housed in a person, animal, or object, time might seem to slow. As you and this item are moving at a different rate than those around you. Conversations may become garbled and fade to the background as the item or person becomes your sole focus briefly. The sensation might seem to last minutes, but the actual time that passes is often mere moments. The point of focus, or sign, is that which grabs your attention and does not fall to the background in these moments.

Sense of Smell – Often when large pockets of energy arise, one gets their sense of smell. This is triggered much in the same way as during an electrical storm. You might not actually smell a scent like flowers or cheese, but you will get a sensation of electricity in the air. You might even experience goosebumps on the skin or the feeling of your small hairs on your head rising. In the case of the decline of energy or an unnaturally lowered amount, this sensation takes on a negative pull. Almost like a vacuum and may be accompanied by a burning smell.

Ringing of the Ears – Excluding cases for those who may be suffering tinnitus or are having a mild reaction to food, the subtle non-obtrusive ringing of the ears is a common sign for those who practice the enchanting arts in Grigorian Witchcraft. This is usually how the energy will first appear to you. Later as skills develop, the ringing may take on less subtle and more direct communication such as music tones or maybe even lyrics. These music or lyrical clips are a way for the Divine to communicate messages to you in a method that is both familiar and less obtrusive than hearing the “voice” of the Gods.

Activating of the 3rd Eye – As you learned in your Chakras class in the basic course, individual chakras may be active or dormant for magickal use. Recognizing a shift of energy may coincide with the random activation of your 3rd eye (without you directly having done so intentionally). This is usually the case when you need to specifically be aware of energy or a sign that is hidden or beyond the veil. If this occurs allow the 3rd eye to take over, take a moment to release all other input or remove any excess stimuli. And focus on what you might not be “seeing” that you need to see. This is commonly a more direct form of communication.

This is only a portion of the training in the senses and awareness that will be addressed as part of the path of the Grigorian Witch. For further information or details in determing a sign or omen please see your teacher or leading HPs in Grigorian.


  • Grigorian Witchcraft Tradition, BOS (1998) Basic Training Course


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