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Beltane Fortune for Guidance to Use When Mercury is in Retrograde

Written By Angelina Rosenbush, EHPS Grigorian

From the end of April thru to the begining of May it is the season of Beltane for us witches. Beltane is a cross-quarter sabbat festival where fire is often engaged. The fires are meant to light the day, purify the way, and celebrate the season of love by igniting our passions. There are many articles which will give you a brief history of May Day and the season of Beltane including one by Ancient Origins Online at

Beltane is also the season of Taurus. Taurus is strong-willed, down-to-earth, and sensual in nature. As Taurus sits in the cross-quarter point of the wheel during this time, the astrological influences traditionally work very well. They also sit simultaneously under the influence of Venus, planet of the Goddess of Love. However, when Mercury is in retrograde communications, plans, and intentions for spell work may become muddled. Which is what Mercury is doing right now for 2023.

Mercury, the planet of the Messenger of the Gods and Communication often oversees such endeavors as planning and setting up of intentions prior to the sabbat celebration. Yet, when Mercury is in retrograde the planet itself actually slows and appears as though it is in a backspin when observed from the Earth vantage point. Many denote this appearance of a backwards momentum to indicate challenges or at least changes will befall ones’ plans. So many people are afraid to do much of anything when Mercury is in retrograde, yet in Grigorian we teach that human fear is the imposed limitation here, not the God or the planet itself.

For us at this time we remember that Mercury is the God who bears the winged sandals and is amongst the swiftest of feet and determined by nature. As the fastest moving planet in our solar system, this planet, which is the Gods’ namesake, actually moves retrograde multiple times in a given solar year. So, it is unrealistic to stop everything you are doing multiple times a year just because you practice witchcraft. We should also remember that Mercury himself could be defined by some as being a bit of a trickster. As such, we must take the position that retrogrades are not something to be feared or halt us in our performance. Rather through the guidance of Mercury we learn to rise to challenges and with ‘a swiftness of feet and clever mind’. To move like a bendable reed in the sway of changing circumstances to overcome. Retrogrades teach is to reset, review, renegotiate, and redeem through our skills in the practice of witchcraft.

So, as the retrograde approaches this time of Taurus we should also consider themes related to us in matters of self-care, self-goals, possessions and things which we value will come into focus. Therefore, prior to the Beltane celebration planning you must begin with a self-reset through inner communication and reflection. In order to do this, begin by first asking yourself some of the following questions.

  • Is what I present to the world a true reflection of my inner self? And is it what I want people to perceive?

  • Have I compromised myself or my worth? If so, how or in what ways? And are these compromises positive or negative in the long-term?

  • Conversely, what have I let slide to please others?

  • What have I been avoiding?

  • What will bring me joy, passion, and merriment at this time?

  • What will be of benefit to myself and others in the long-term?

Remember that this time of Taurus is all about your own embodied strength. Like the Bull ruled by the heart of Venus we strive to be heady yet steadfast, but not stubborn or blinded. Now, that you have considered this. What do you do about it? From here, there are two options. If the answers to the questions have provided clarity enough, then you may simply move forward with your plans. However, if you still seek further clarification of choice from the answers you have found thus far, then here is a method of foretelling with the aid of fate to lead you on your way. Following this with the work listed below to send the message of your goals to be carried in a straightforward answer to you, by Mercury, the Gods and Goddesses in clarification of your goals.

For this fortune, it is a grab fortune. Grab fortune games have been played in variations for a millenia and can include the use of dice, coins, bones, or even tarot cards to guide you in the answering of a question. For this grab fortune we are using flower petals. When choosing the flower petals you may wish to use seasonal, which is great, but traditional flower blossoms such as hawthorn are not always available at this time of year in MN as compared to some areas. So, I choose them by the meaning and availability. For this year I have chosen color varieties of tiger lilies. The meaning of these varies by their color. For example, yellow tiger lilies for their meaning of energy, motivation, and cheerfulness. Pink for joy, and orange for will, confidence, and prosperity. Beyond this you need only to have the following materials.

  • A marker or felt tip soft enough to write on the flower petals themselves.

  • You, yourself.

  • And later the outdoors with a good wind moving, which is easy to find in spring typically.

Prepare by organizing in your mind what you wish to have made clearer to you. For example, if you can’t decide between focusing on two jobs or two hobbies as points dividing your attention. Write each individually upon one petal. And remember to create balance as well, by having some petals labeled with stops. Stops are words such as rest, or rethink, in case that which you think needs attention is actually off track of a true self goal. Then set your space to cast your fortune. Sort the petals in rows by mundane vs. magickal. And place the petals before you in their given designations as individuals (do not have them overlapping). Then sit in front of your layout. You may also wish to light a candle and/or incense of Mercury for focus and communication, but be sure to keep it at enough of a distance so it can’t be knocked over in any coming movements. See photo.

Now, close your eyes here for a moment. Breathe. And listen to the sounds around you, listen to your pulse, your heart, then relax into the moment. Visualize your own heart chakra energy connecting up through the third eye, and to the crown chakra. And then outwards towards your vision of the Divine. And gently tilt your head back. Then state the following.

“Fates and fortune

Seek to find me the companions towards my goals.

And the partners to guide my soul.

Center my attention and now guide my hand to find that which is needed.

And only that which should be of my mind is to be heeded.”

From here, visualize this same connective energy passing back down through the crown, eye, heart and to your hand. Then swiftly in one motion, tilt your head down, open your eyes, and make a quick grab (without reading them) for the petals that jump out to you. Ignoring the rest. Bring them to your center gently holding the petals that you grabbed (careful not to crush them), breathe, and give an expression of gratitude. Then open your eyes and read them aloud. Stating as you do.

“Guided by hand of fate.

Fortune found.

Clarity is given so I may know my round.”

If for any reason one or more of them don’t seem to make sense together Or you still lack the clarity you seek. Move to step two. This will be a working which will employ the help of the winds and planets to give extra momentum to your fortune. For this take the petals you hold, stand, and move to a sacred place outdoors where the wind will catch. Outstretch your arms with the petals clasped in hand and your minds’ eye to the astral stating the following.

“By the Gods, Goddesses, and Spirits Divine.

Through the transit of Mercury and Venus.

Through the wind blowing in the horn of Taurus' call.

With open hands and open heart I give to all.

Guide my words to match my deeds in the coming time of fires’ heart.

Blow away the unneeded

Let only that which remains be heeded by me.

So Mote it Be.”

Open your hands and let the wind carry away what petals are unnecessary, including any that just fall to the ground. Then whatever remains in the palms of your open hands is the answer of clarity you seek. Let this be your focus and preparations not only for Beltane, but for the remaining seasons. And remember it’s always a good idea to follow any such work to express gratitude and leave an offering in nature. If you did burn any candles or incense, please extinguish them and remove the remnants so that people, property, animals, or plants are not harmed following your work. Then carry the petals with you in a pouch as a reminder when you dance around the bel-fire. This will charge them with the energies of fire, will, and passions drive to motivate you in the coming months,

As you go forward trust in this transition as being authentically yours. Fate only gave you the clarity to see it and focused your hand to grasp it. And the Divine bless it. Take pleasure in the truth of yourself and your goals. And remember that the goal is only a point along the path, each step up to the goal, and even after is meant to be taken in as an experience, a time of learning, and growth. Practice patience and go forth free from judgment or even expectations of every little aspect, this can only hinder the clarity towards the goals you have sought out. And from here enjoy the transition and celebration in the sabbat of Beltane. As the God and Goddess come together in their union, we can reveal in the joy of our own union between a clear head and open heart as we go forward in the dance. Blessed Be Witches!


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